Trade & Commerce


Dealing with other businesses, buyers, or customers, whether they are in the same city, in another state, or overseas, can create challenging situations. It may be a way to secure credit or trust, it may be an issue in manufacturing, distribution, and sales chain, or it may be just the speed at which communication must take place among all parties. We are experienced in assisting our clients with formulating and executing solutions for their complicated business needs.

Sale, Lease, and Distribution of Goods

In between the inception of a product and an end user’s enjoyment of that product, there are many complicated steps and multiple parties involved. And often, the businesses dealing with manufacturing, sale, lease, and distribution of goods are subject  to specialized laws. Whether formulating a business relationship with manufacturers or distributors, or dealing with financing and leasing, our lawyers can expertly guide you through this process.

Negotiable Instrument and Secured Transactions

To make a deal work, businesses often need a little more than a promise or contract from the other side. And sometimes, either as a creditor, lessor, or seller, you may wish to retain a priority interest in the goods that you sold, leased, or helped purchase. Whether it is a simple guaranty of debt through a promissory note or deals involving letters of credit or secured interest in goods or equipment, Chang & Yoo, LLP can advise you through negotiating and executing this process.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)

Throughout virtually the entire United States of America, one form or another of the Uniform Commercial Code governs the form and functions of contracts and affects transactions involving the sale and lease of equipment and tangible goods, certain wearhouse bills, negotiable instruments, letters of credit, and secured transactions. If you are doing business in or with anyone subject to United States jurisdiction, chances are an area of your business is subject to the UCC. Our experienced team of lawyers can help your business navigate through the legal issues involving UCC sections.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Even the most carefully designed transactions sometimes run into disputes and dead ends. Because so many of the financed transactions and transactions involving sale and lease of goods and equipment involve a specialized area of law over multiple jurisdictions, you need an experienced lawyer to guide you and devise a tailored solution to your problems.  Our team at Chang & Yoo, LLP has the experience and expertise to balance the practical needs of your business and the best legal solutions for your situation.