Real Estate


Whether you are purchasing your first property or you are an experienced investor, our real estate lawyers provide you with cost-effective and responsive services. We are there every step of the way so that you have the information you need to remain competitive in the real estate world. Whether the issue you are facing is valuation, title, financing, or forming an investment vehicle, particularly in this economic climate, it is crucial to retain a knowledgeable and experienced attorney who is well-versed in real estate law.  We are also experienced in assisting international and entity clients with FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act) and other complicated issues.

Investment and Acquisition

Investing in real estate can be rewarding and profitable if done correctly, whether as an individual, a corporate entity, or a private investment fund. In the purchase of real property, a good attorney is crucial to making sure you are on track. From reviewing and researching title to negotiating terms, from forming the correct holding entity to ensuring prompt payment, our legal team has years of experience guiding clients through their crucial decisions and making the sale or purchase of real estate a satisfying endeavor for them. Our team is also experienced in assisting international and entity clients with important regulatory issues including FIRPTA (Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act).

Landlord and Tenant

A real property, once acquired as an investment, generates its income by being leased, whether the property is residential, commercial, or otherwise. We are here to help your needs from negotiating and drafting a lease, and collecting the rent, all the way to eviction process.  Lease agreements are an integral part of property management and rentals. We assist in writing up the leases that work for your specific situation. We help you to understand legal rights and obligations in these leases, and deal with issues or non-compliances that may arise.  The eviction process can be unpleasant for all involved parties. Our legal team is experienced in assisting landlords to collect on any unpaid leases. In the unfortunate event that you find yourself needing to evict a tenant, we can help you position yourself most advantageously through the eviction.


Condominium associations and the governing bodies of these associations are comprised of complicated sets of rules and laws, which at times give extraordinary powers to the condo associations. Condominiums also can create difficult real-life issues among the unit-owners. And the condominium associations often have to make complex and difficult decisions, many of which involve multiple parties, unit owners, lessees/renters, contractors or other third parties, and the association. Our legal team is knowledgeable of condominium law and homeowner association law, and has years of experience representing condo associations.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Whether it is title issues of a real property, problems arising from a broken-down negotiation of real property transaction, challenges in succession planning with real properties involved, real estate investment arrangements, landlord tenant disputes, or condominium association issues, our lawyers are well-versed in assisting our clients through these difficult times. From mediation to arbitration, all the way to litigation, Chang & Yoo, LLP can help you with your needs.