Running a business, choices come fast. From selecting an advantageous and suitable business entity, contracting with your vendors and partners, hiring and overseeing employees, professionals, and contractors, managing disputes, protecting yourself from competitors and competing against them, acquiring and disposing of key assets, dealing with governmental or regulatory authorities, to planning for your succession and exit strategy.

Formation and Startup

Starting a new venture, whether you are a seasoned industry veteran, new entrepreneur, or starting a new subsidiary, branch office in a foreign jurisdiction, or joint venture, can be both exciting and daunting. Our legal team has years of experience in counseling clients on all manner of business planning, including partnership and JV arrangements, corporate structuring, and tax planning. Our clients range from individual entrepreneurs, startup companies, corporations and ongoing businesses both small and large, domestic and foreign. We offer sophisticated business formation and structuring by utilising the full spectrum of tools available from limited liability company (LLC), corporation, all the way to joint venture and partnership agreements. We also recognize the unique challenges of a closely-held, professional, family, and small businesses and offer sensible and practical solutions.

Management and Governance

Running an ongoing business takes a broad understanding from the corporate or entity structure, employee and executive management, operations, all the way to negotiating and managing third-party vendors, lenders, customers, professionals, etc. Chang & Yoo, LLP excels as your business advisor in every step of the way. We can expertly advise you in communicating to the company stakeholders, dealing with your team, or managing risks over the third-party relationship and executing your business decisions according to your needs.

We also recognize that often the real value of a business is in the contracts it has with its stakeholders, employees, and other third-parties form partnership and shareholder agreements, buy-sell agreements, employment agreements, equity award plans (stock options, restricted stocks, profit-sharing, and phantom equity), non-compete, non-solicit, and non-disclosure agreements, sale or lease of goods agreements, service agreements, leases, and more. Chang & Yoo, LLP regularly advises ongoing businesses both with analysis of existing relationships and contracts and with negotiating and drafting such contracts.

Financing, Acquisitions, and Mergers

As your business grows and changes, you will want an experienced business lawyer or law firm who understands your business’s specific needs. Whether you are at the point of expansion, recapitalization, or sale or succession planning and execution, we are here to help. Each step of the way, we strive to understand your business and personal strategies.  We also realize that a closely held companies and family businesses face unique challenges depending on each company or family’s needs and dynamics. We can tailor our advice to your specific situations by listening to your set of circumstances and navigating through your individual needs.

Employment Immigration

One of the most important aspects of growing a successful business is assembling the right team of employees to work with you. Some of the best candidates for your team may originate abroad, bringing with them unique skills, diverse experiences, and personal drive. Whether an industry veteran or a fresh graduate, these individuals must have proper work authorization before they can join your business, and in most cases, those work visas must be sponsored by you.

We can help you navigate the complex world of US immigration law, advising you on the immigration pathways best suited to achieving your objectives and the goals of your employees and their families. We can assist your petitions for the immensely popular H-1B temporary worker visas, or for L-1 transfer visas for multi-office companies, O visas for highly qualified workers, TN and E-3 visas for Canadians, Mexicans, and Australians, or permanent residency (green cards) for eligible workers. If you yourself or your business partners need immigration services, we can also help you apply for E-1/E-2 entrepreneur visas or for EB-5 green cards. And we can counsel you on employing F-1 or J-1 international students.


Professional offices, whether you are physicians, dentists, other healthcare providers, accountants, attorneys, consultants, or other advisors, have their own unique needs in business world. We are able to advise you from formation, acquisition of other practices or merger with other offices, admittance of new partners, all the way to succession planning of your office, we are your trusted advisors. We can advise you with your partnership and operating agreements, shareholder agreements, buy-sell or cross-purchase agreements, or other employee equity award plans.


Chang & Yoo, LLP has extensive experience advising entities, ranging from closely-held partnerships and corporations to family offices and larger funds, that are interested in investing in other businesses or investment opportunities. The challenges of a private fund are as diverse as the variety of funds themselves, due to the different ways that partnerships can be constructed, that transactions can come together, and that the investments themselves can operate. As your trusted advisor, we can devise a customized solution for your partnership or investment fund, from formation to operation and acquisition.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Sometimes, in operating a business, certain disputes arise, whether they are between employer and employee, your business and its vendors or customers, or with other businesses. Our lawyers are experienced in litigation, arbitration, and mediation in contract disputes, business matters, and your shareholder and partner issues. We can advise you through your sensitive and difficult issues by learning your specific issues, devise a resolution plan, and tenaciously following through with it.